Waitsburg Athletics

February 11, 2021 Update

Dayton-Waitsburg Fall Sport Student-Athletes and Parents:

Outlined below are the details and protocols for our home football and volleyball contests.  Please note all volleyball practices and home games will take place in Dayton, and all football practices and home games will take place in Waitsburg. Thank you for following these protocols:

  1. Attendance. Two spectators per rostered student-athlete per home and away contest.

  2. Admission. There will be no admission fees charged for any contests. 

  3. Pass List. Football and Volleyball will be using a pass list for each contest, home or away. Each Student-Athlete will get 2 family members on the pass list for the season. The family members will be allowed entry after completing the home site screening & attestation protocol.

  4. Masks. All spectators must wear masks the entire time they are in the facility. 

  5. Seating. The two family members may sit together, remaining seating will be spaced per social distancing requirements. Seats will be clearly marked. 

  6. Arrival. Please arrive and enter the Dayton gym (for volleyball) or the Waitsburg Stadium Entrance (for football) as closely the start of the contest as possible.

  7. Clearing of Gyms. If numbers allow for a sub varsity volleyball match schedule, we may be clearing the HS gym of spectators between sub-varsity and varsity contests. If you have a student-athlete that is competing in both the sub-varsity and varsity contests, you will be allowed to stay for both games.

  8. Facility Exit. We ask that spectators exit the facility immediately after the contest is complete.  If you need to wait for your student-athlete, please do so in your vehicle.

  9. Player Rosters. Rosters for each team can be found online at on the school website under high school sports as we will not have hard copy rosters at the contests. 

  10. Hand Sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer will be available at both indoor and outdoor entry. 

  11. Concessions. Concessions will not be offered.

  12. Restroom Use. Restrooms will be available for spectator use.

We are excited to have you in the stands again. Go DW!

January 29, 2021 Sports Update

Dayton/Waitsburg (DW) Sports Update

This information is to provide you with an update regarding Fall Sports.  The situation is fluid and we will continue to communicate as information becomes available. An updated sports season calendar has been approved as follows:

  • Fall Sports Season will be February 15 to March 29

  • Spring Sports Season will be March 30 to May 10

  • Winter Sports Season will be May 11 to June 19

  • Each season will be 6 weeks long

Please note that no games or matches will be played unless we are in Phase 2.  The situation will be reassessed by Dayton-Waitsburg Administration and a determination to cancel the fall season or move forward with the fall season may be determined prior to or on February 15.  Determination to cancel or move forward would be based on the COVID phase of our region, transportation availability for athletes, availability to roster a varsity volleyball team and/or varsity football team and availability of facilities/fields.


DW High School Football and DW High School Volleyball will begin with practices on Monday, February 15. Practice schedules will be available soon. DW High School Football practices and home games will take place in Waitsburg.  DW High School Volleyball practices and home matches will take place in Dayton.  If your athlete is interested in participating in these sports, please contact your district’s high school principal:

Please remember that athletes will need to have a school sports packet completed and a current sports physical before they will be allowed to attend practice.  Principal Brown and Principal Wooderchak can assist athletes with obtaining the sports packets to bring home if they have not already done this.

Please note:  In Phase 1 and Phase 2 of COVID restrictions – masks must be worn by EVERYONE at practices, games, and matches. This includes coaches, athletes, fans, etc. Masks must be worn 100% of the time, including with football helmets and mouthguards.

In Phase 1 of the COVID restrictions, we can have practices with athletes.  They must practice in pods that are not larger then 6 people.  Football cannot practice wearing pads until we enter Phase 2, which will be established by the Governor Inslee.  Games and matches can be played in Phase 2.

Governor Inslee will provide the state with COVID Phase updates every Friday.  This update will determine if scheduled matches or games can be played the next week, or if we continue with practices the next week.

Varsity Schedules for Volleyball matches and Varsity Football games are available on the school website at www.waitsburgsd.org and www.daystonsd.org.   Determination of spectator access to games and matches has not been determined.  Administration will provide further information regarding spectator access as games and matches are finalized after phase 2 has been announced.

Practice Information:

  • Football and volleyball practices will begin Monday, February 15

  • Practice schedules will be available soon

  • 5 practices are required for participation in volleyball matches

    • The first scheduled volleyball match is February 23, if we are in Phase 2

  • 10 practices are required for participation in football games

    • The first football game is February 27, if we are in Phase 2.

Thanks for visiting our athletics page. Waitsburg School District is currently in an athletic combine with Dayton School District. Check out the DW Combine page.

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