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Occasionally, severe weather may make it necessary for the buses to run late, or for school to be cancelled or delayed. The district will make every attempt to advise the community and staff of the impact of weather/road conditions on the school day as early in the day as possible. Under normal situations, these decisions will be made no later than 6:00 a.m. Should it be necessary to revise a decision due to changes in weather conditions (e.g., change from a delayed start to a cancellation), the decision to do so will be made no later than 7:00 a.m.

Waitsburg School District also uses the media notification system Flash Alert Newswire to communicate its school closure/delay information with local TV, radio, and news stations as needed. As soon as a decision has been made to delay or close school, this information is posted to the Flash Alert website. Parents and the public are encouraged to check this website in the mornings for accurate and reliable information direct from the Waitsburg School District.

The district has established the following procedures/practices for situations of severe or hazardous weather/road conditions. The general procedure deals with the following conditions:

  • Delayed Start: There will be a delay (usually two hours) in the start of the school.

  • Early Dismissal: Weather/road conditions which deem it necessary to dismiss students early as a safety measure to have buses or other vehicles off the roads.

  • Cancellation: When school is canceled due to severe weather/road conditions