basketball net

The first day of middle school boys’ basketball is October 27th! Please read important updates from Athletic Director Sam Korslund below, and feel free to contact Mr. Korslund with any questions at 509-382-4775 ext. 239.


All games and practices will be in the Dayton High School Gym. Waitsburg players will catch the practice bus at 3:30 PM (this will move to 3:45 once the high school season starts on November 15) and will return to Waitsburg at 6:00 PM.


All games will be on Mondays and Wednesday/Thursday. The home site will determine whether the second game each week will be on Wednesday or Thursday. When we host on those days, our games will be Thursdays. Please remember that our schedules must remain flexible due to state-wide shortages of referees and a nation-wide shortage of bus drivers. We may need to adjust start times and/or days depending on the situations we encounter each week.


We have a new Boys’ Basketball Head Coach this year, Owen Lanning, who will join Assistant Coach Kathy Pradere to lead this season. Both coaches have a vast amount of experience in playing and coaching.


Athletic Director Sam Korslund has pulled Dayton-Waitsburg out of the middle school league we were in due to the excessive travel and late return times for our kids. We will now be playing schools much closer geographically and competitively. This also means we may need to find pick-up games against other opponents to ensure all our teams will get enough playing time.