portrait of David Woods and his quote from the article

Following a full evening of interviews with Waitsburg school staff and community members on March 13, the Waitsburg School Board of Directors deliberated in an executive session that resulted in a unanimous vote selecting Mr. David Woods as the next Superintendent / Elementary Principal of Waitsburg School District. Pending contract negotiations, Mr. Woods will begin his first day in Waitsburg beginning July 1, 2023.

Chairman of the Board, Dr. Carol Clarke, states, “The Board of Directors is excited to invite David Woods to join the District’s team as Superintendent/Elementary Principal.   Having been an Elementary Principal, a Secondary Principal and an Assistant Superintendent/Special Education Director, Mr. Woods has a wealth of skills and knowledge which will be invaluable to our district.  He is committed to living in Waitsburg and desires to serve our community, as well as our schools.”    

Mr. Woods, who currently serves as principal of Eastmont Junior High School in East Wenatchee, stated:

“I am so excited to have been chosen as the new Waitsburg Superintendent. The minute I visited, I was certain that Waitsburg would be a great place to live and work.  Then Monday when I met the staff, school board and community members, those feelings of excitement grew. I knew instantly that this was my place and these were my people.  It is with humility and gratitude that I come to serve the Waitsburg community and school district.”